Every day there is something fresh.Man makes plans but He orders the steps.It is paralysing to live in the past.Blessing is an attribute of His culture.Whatever i did He does something for it.The greatest barrier is what He does in one season to make you repeat what He did.Can you move on from the miracle?


Thought drives action.Reality is an opportunity not obligation.Reality is fluid.Make it count.Punishment confines.Context changes.Realization is worth exploring.Awareness should be celebrated.Notions can be dismantled.


You cannot change the direction of the wind but you can adjust the sail to always reach the destination.Take what comes at you.There is a suffering in life,rise above it.Perfection is an enemy.Its a mask for insecurity.


From human perspective you see a problem but from a heavenly perspective its a prophecy.Problems are designed to fulfill a prophetic word.Do not forget in the darkness what you learnt in the light.He does not watch the news.He is the good news.Busy is not a badge of honor.


Its easier to reject in advance than being out there and risk rejection.To be loved needs liability.What you trust in is what is true to you.Do not live in a story long enough to become a slave to it.We lie to ourselves and love our lies.


What you have is what you need.Provision is disguised as a problem.Life is the process of Him teaching us that He is the one feeding us.He is our source.We are pressed but not crushed.We are persecuted but not destroyed.


We notice what we are missing.We never notice the need.We see symptoms(referred pain).He is the only one who knows what we really need.He knows our tomorrow.Its not the things.If He did not give it we do not need it.